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Quick Acting Mandrel USPADO
Picture Quick Acting Mandrel USPADO

Holding capacity from 8 to 125 mm bore diameter.

The quick acting mandrel USPADO is a basic accessory for every machine stop. Of high quality and sensible design, these mandrels are available in 4 sizes with a holding capacity from 8 to 76 mm bore diameter.

Workpiece accuracy is within 0.02 to 0.03 mm T.I.R. On account of their fast and simply handling, these mandrels are usually prefered to the standart version. As the USPADO is able to clamp long workpieces reliably, it is a universal tool for lathes, milling machines, and cylindrical grinders.

A disc driver is provided, enabling narrow workpieces such as discs, circular saw blades, brake drums, etc. to be chucked without tilting or feathering. This driver should be ordered together with USPADO mandrel since the range of application is extended considerably.

Chucking lengths

All the quick acting mandrels are designed to chuck workpieces three times the length of the bore diameter. Longer spindles can be delivered for workpieces of greater lengths.


To chuck a workpiece the sliding cone is removed, the workpiece attached to the spindle, and the cone firmly drawn against the workpiece and fixed in position with a lockung nut (size O requires a special brace).

With short workpieces the placing of a planeparallel bushing between the sliding cone and the locking nut is recommended, since the stability of the free end of the spindle is thereby increased.

Technical Data

Size Holding
in mm
in mm
Weight of
in kg
Weight of
in kg
O 8 - 14 140 0.2 0.02
l 12 - 22 155 0.3 0.05
ll 20 - 40 250 1.0 0.30
lll 38 - 76 440 7.0 1.40

Parts of USPADO

1. Disc driver 2. Locking nut 3. Spindle cone 4. Spindle with
permanent cone

Examples of using USPADO